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Here at C&C Septic Services, we're proud to be your premier septic service provider in the area. 

We offer numerous services to keep your septic tank system running perfectly.

Let our team of experts

Service Your Septic Needs

Selma NC Septic Pumping

To ensure your septic tank stays in great condition, it should be pumped periodically.  Avoid backups, flooding, or costly repairs by letting our expert team at C&C Septic Services pump your septic system. We'll be sure your system is running efficently.

Septic Pumping

In need of a new septic system?

If you want a guarantee the installation is done promptly and correctly, you can trust our licensed and certified team at

C&C Septic Services.  We're here to make sure everything is level, clean, and will pass inspections.

Septic Tank Installation

Selma NC Septic Tank Installation
Selma NC Septic Tank Repair

If your septic system is failing you, we're here to help. Our septic maintenance team is ready and able to repair your septic issues. Plus, we'll give you the tools and knowledge to ensure the issue doesn't come back.

Septic System Repair

& Replacement

The best way to know your septic system is working as it should, is to have it inspected by a licensed professional here at C&C Septic Services. We will make sure that your system is following all local and state regulations.

Septic Inspections

Selma Septic Inspection
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