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Friendly Holiday Septic System Reminders

Updated: Jan 19

Oh gingerbread-snap! The holidays are here, and your family's about to storm your place for a jolly good time. Before you ho-ho-host the shindig, take a minute to check in with your septic, and properly prepare to prevent any incidents during the holiday season.

C&C Septic Services in Selma NC Holiday Septic Reminders

Here's a few reminders to keep in mind when it comes to your septic system and your holiday guests:

  1. Let's have some real talk about flushing. There's a lot of stuff that shouldn't go down the toilet, but some folks just don't know that! Before your guests take a bathroom break, give them the 411 on the "do not flush" list. This includes wipes (even if they say "flushable"), diapers, lady products, and some types of toilet paper. Keep the pipes happy and the plunger at bay!

  2. Time to school your guests on the art of water conservation and the ins-and-outs of your septic system! You don't want to scare them, but an overloaded septic system can be a real party foul. Let your guests know that taking turns in the bathroom, timing showers and laundry loads, and avoiding dishwashing during these peak moments is the key to avoiding system backups. By being a water-wise host and sharing these tips, you'll give your septic system a break and keep the good times flowing!

  3. Get your septic system pumped by C&C Septic Services, your #1 Septic Company in Selma, NC, before your big holiday bash. Sure, it's great to space out water use to keep your system happy, but let's be real: when the party's on, your guests will need to go, go, go! To avoid holiday party poopers, make sure to get your septic system pumped ahead of time. No one wants a plumbing fiasco during a jolly good time!

As the jingle bells resound and the warmth of festivities fills the air, revelry should reign supreme. However, no host wishes to face the foul aftermath of a failed septic system, casting a shadow of gloom over their merrymaking. To ensure the seamless flow of celebrations, enlighten your guests with a "do not flush" list, and have your system serviced before the grand event. Let not the burden of sewage woes dampen your joyous spirits this holiday season.

To schedule your holiday septic pump appointment, contact us today!

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